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Night Photography Workshop

Nick decided to offer members the chance to learn more about night photography by setting up a couple of digital SLR cameras on tripods on the quayside of my home town, St Ives. It was a beautiful setting to choose because of the ancient bridge over the river, near a market place which has been running for hundreds of years.

I knew I'd found my little group when I saw the silhouettes of half a dozen people chatting and holding fancy cameras and long tripods against the background of the night-lit street in the doorway of a restaurant.

With nine of us, the workshop was a well-attended event, and I noticed that everyone there had submitted photos to the monthly competition at one time or another.  Some are really good at it and have invested in decent cameras because of a long-standing interest in photography.

It didn't matter that my camera was a cheap old digital affair, Nick started off by making a few observations about propping your camera somewhere stable (improvising if necessary), exposure times and using the delay function. The final suggestion means your camera doesn't move under the pressure of your hand while taking the shot. We all had a go, and ended up with a few good pictures we were happy with.

St Ives Bridge, Cambridge IVC Social Club Photography Workshop

Even though we'd all warmly wrapped up, after an hour of standing about in the cold night air, we cheerfully set off for the Oliver Cromwell pub for a drink, before calling it a night. In the pub I looked around at this assortment of lively-minded, genuinely nice people and was pleased to be part of Cambridge IVC.

Cambridgeshire IVC Social Group - in the Pub!