Cambridgeshire IVC Meetup

What we're About

Cambridgeshire IVC is a vibrant club where there's always something happening...from bridge to badminton, pubs to parties, curries to club night and theatre to national trust visits. The purpose of the Meetup group is to give you the opportunity to try out a few events, get a flavour of what we are all about, and then hopefully consider applying for full membership.

You are very welcome to come along to any of the events hosted on Meetup. In addition, you may be able to attend other events. You can find out more about our programme of members only events at There are usually in excess of 20 events each month.

Kick start your social life ...............

Join Cambridgeshire IVC today and come along to find out more about IVC (no obligation to join the latter). 


Meetup List: This feature has been retired due to changes in the Meetup Terms & Conditions of Use.